We are a group of Martial Arts men and women who practice and utilize various Martial Art styles. With this dedication to the Martial Arts we provide hope in making a bigger impact and difference in people’s lives. As a community, through working with the churches we can help lower the loss of jobs, use of drugs, homelessness, along with domestic violence by educating the people.


Psalm 144:1
Praise Be the Lord
My Rock
Who Trains
My Hands for War
My Fingers for Battle

Services We Offer

  • To empower women and their families by initiating personal and social changes.

  • To help children thrive, build strength, and sustain individual family/community life.

  • Donate food and clothing to those in need and other organizations.

  • Motivate women and children to stay fit with exercise and proper nutrition.

  • Free 12-Week self defense class for victims of domestic violence. ($10.00 one-time registration fee)

  • Help those in need by providing information for assistance 

  • Educate on “How to buy a home with no money down or credit.

  • Learn how to rent for a profit.

  • Money making business opportunities.

  • Become proficient in how to work from home.